Strip port light

Simple to see,
day or night

Strip port light for testing in daytime,
nighttime or anytime.

Surprisingly simple

Diabetes is complex and expensive. Checking your blood sugar doesn't have to be.
Introducing the surprisingly simple Accu-Chek® Guide.

Simple edge

Simple to use
the entire end

Place a small drop of blood anywhere along
the end instead of on a tiny spot.

SmartPack vial

Simple to take
just one strip

Spill-resistant SmartPack™ vial lets you
take one and spill none.

Simple to log
results without a
paper logbook

Automatically send results
right to your smartphone.1

Accu-Chek Connect app

Get a FREE Accu-Chek Guide meter
and savings card

Accu-Chek Guide

Introducing the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay card

With the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay card, you always pay a low price for strips.2 For example, 100 test strips is always just $29.99.2 See all pricing.

Save on test strips with your FREE Accu-chek Guide meter!

Accu-Chek Guide

BIN: 019158
PCN: 07590000
Group #:
Identification #:

Pharmacist: Save these numbers in the patient profile for future savings on test strips.

Here's what to do next:

1 Ask your doctor to write a prescription for an Accu-Chek Guide meter and Accu-Chek Guide test strips.

2 Take this voucher and your prescription to your pharmacy.

3 Receive your free meter and pay a simple low price for test strips every time, without using insurance.

Use the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay card instead of insurance.

50 strips       $19.99
100 strips     $29.99
150 strips     $39.99
200 strips     $49.99
250 strips     $59.99
300 strips     $69.99